In-Home Sessions | Family + Newborn

For sessions at home... come as you are.


- wear casual clothes, t-shirts, jeans, dresses, aprons, pajamas...

- go barefoot

- wear what you would normally wear on a day at home with your family

- co-ordinate color and mix patterns rather than wear the same shirt/match

- wear color... bold colors or pastels, rather than white

- wear clothes that you are comfortable getting on the floor and playing in or snuggling in bed with your kiddos


- wear shoes

- wear any accessories that need to be adjusted frequently 

- wear matching outfits or the same shirt in different colors

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Child Portraiture + Child Storytelling 

Let's have fun. Let's play dress-up. 


- wear something special

- be on-trend, yet timeless (I have plenty of sources to recommend to create this style).

- try something modern, cool

- accessorize (depending on the outfit... a flower crown, a cab hat, sunglasses, scarf)

- wear clothing that fits as if it were tailored (we like to get longevity out of our child clothing purchases, but for a photo session, outfits should not be big, in fact, a shirt size smaller is usually best)

- pattern and texture are good


- forget to buy shoes that go with the outfit (I have suggestions for where to buy affordable shoes for sessions)

- wear characters or shirts with words or big logos

- buy the same shirt for each child in a different color

- don't have your children wear matching outfits (this is generally a no, co-ordinating is more modern)

- choose white or black, instead a pastel color, navy blue, grey or bold color

- dress your child in clothing or accessories that needs to be adjusted frequently  

To view images of successfully styled kids and outfit samples, click below:


Outdoor Sessions | Mom + Dad

Co-ordinate... pattern + texture.


- choose one color that  the whole family will wear, then each of you wear one item in that color 

- layer (even in summer, wear a lightweight scarf,  bow tie, belt, jewelry)

- wear clothing that fits as if it were tailored

- feel good about yourself in what you wear

- consider a pop of color if you are dressing neutral


- make it all about the kids, take time to select things for Mom + Dad

- wear matching outfits

- all wear the same color on top or on bottom, mix it up 

To view images of successfully styled outdoor sessions and outfit samples, click below:




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Zara   |   Spearmint Love   |   Mini Boden   |  The Trendy Bunny |  Smallable  |    Fawn Shoppe  


 Modern Burlap   |   Saranoni   |   Briar Handmade  |  Fawn + Forest   


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JCREW  |   Lucky Brand   |  The GAP   |    Denim + Flower   |   Buckle   |   Ralph Lauren   | Brooks Brothers  -  Red Fleece