Family Documentary | Backyard Session

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

The little things.

We remember vacations, that we went to a certain playground often, feeling loved and loving when everyone was together doing something fun… But it is easy to forget, and sometimes not even notice the little things - - those subtle in-between moments before and after the big memories we have cataloged in our heart and mind. Through a documentary session, I record the little in-between things.

I often say that this kind of photography grows more valuable as years go on. I truly feel, and know from my own experience, that as much as you love these pictures a month after they’re taken, you will cherish them more fully when your child is taller, they no longer play the same way and the way you connect with each other is different.

So little and yet so much is required to produce authentic imagery. What you wear matters least of all. Letting go of preconceived pictures matters most. It is so simple and yet it can be difficult or even scary, I know. But if you trust me and then engage with your family with childlike freedom, I will give in exchange imagery that means something now and gains even more meaning as time goes on.

Time Held Still | Family Documentary

My son is almost too heavy to carry and he is possibly too old to be carried. He can do long division, read The Hobbit, put his friend’s feelings ahead of his own, ride a bike. But I will pick him up every so often and carry him because I know one day very soon he will not let me or he will be too tall for me to pick him up.

So many “last times” happen without us knowing it will be the last time. One day I looked at the stroller and thought to myself - - whenever the last time was that we used this, I didn’t know it would really be the last time. I used to dislike brushing his teeth - - I was relieved when he could do it on his own. But there was a last time I brushed them, his baby teeth… and I didn’t know that the last time was the “last time”.

There are routine things happening every day that are unique to certain years - - we are so close to it in the moment that it seems so ordinary - - we don’t see it for the treasure that it is. These are special times - - the years that our children are home with us, when their world is smaller and they can do less on their own… When they crave our touch and they laugh easily.

Our memories are blurry at times. Time moves fast. When photographing families I purposely keep a slightly lower shutter speed than may be recommended for moving subjects. I do this because I want to capture the feeling of time passing.

Pick your child up and show me your everyday play during our session. Share your rhythms and mundane tasks with my camera. I promise - - they are special and deserve to be photographed. This time is your treasure. Photographs hold what is already gone.

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Telling Your Story At Home | Long Island Family

I walked into their home and they made me feel like a friend coming to visit. Their little boy had such a friendly disposition. He wanted me to hold him for much of the session - I called him "My Koala". 

The family moved about the house without much direction from me. The girls were excited when it started to snow outside, standing by the window together they watched it fall. 

Their gallery is made up of lots of little things, as you'll see. Some moments of play, some in-between quiet moments, connection portraits... We ended with time in the snow. It's an authentic story of a Saturday morning at home.