Flowers In Her Hair | How I Work With Children

This session was a combination of fine art portraits and documentary-style imagery capturing the wonder this sweet 3 year old girl felt as she explored the beach for her birthday portrait session.

Younger children play during our session and during that time I talk with them. I feel that observing them and talking with them brings out authentic expressions and what successfully captures the true essence of childhood and of your own child’s spirit. ❤️

Every photographer has their own way of connecting with children. Some photographers are gifted comedians, they can make children laugh and smile and their gift for that shows in their work. Some photographers are talented with set design and create scenes using props that have a magical look, whimsical trends or are inspired by classic tales. I have a small collection of modern toys, vintage / antique items available for sessions. I sometimes bring flowers or fruit. My way of working with children is to use my artist’s eye to make art what they are naturally doing. I move around them a lot. I take pictures from different perspectives. I prompt them to a new series of photo opportunities by changing their activity. Prior to the session, I have sent a questionnaire that gives me a glimpse of the child’s personality and I know some of their interests and I talk with them about those things. For children’s sessions, one parent is present. I encourage this rather than both. I have just found over time that this leads to a more successful session. If I feel I would like mom or dad’s assistance with “opening the child up” I will call the parent over and they usually tell a funny story or joke that is personal to the family. Depending on age and child’s disposition, I often take a few moments of lightly posed portraits. I am patient and intuitive and know how to pace the session, when to direct and when to observe.

Wardrobe suggestions are provided for every session. Rocking Horse & Antique Box are available in my prop closetFlower Crown is available in my wardrobe closet