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Exposure Q. 1 *
Exposure Q. 1
I understand the aperture triangle.
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Exposure Q.2 *
Exposure Q.2
I use my camera's internal light meter to determine if my exposure is accurate.
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Exposure Q. 3 *
Exposure Q. 3
I often feel that my photos come out too bright/light (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed).
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Focus Q. 1 *
Focus Q. 1
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I understand how to create bokeh in a photo (what to do to have a creamy/blurry background behind subject/person/object so that the subject is in focus, but the background is blurred out/creamy).
Focus Q. 2 *
Focus Q. 2
I understand that shutter speed and aperture/f.stop have to do with exposure but also focus.
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How high does the ISO go on your camera? *
How many lenses do you have? *
Do you have any lenses with a max f.stop/aperture of 2.8 or wider? *
How would you describe your relationship with photography/your camera?
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