Christmas Cookies | being on the other side of the lens

As my son grows older, I look back at our library of photographs and am grateful for that I picked up my camera and documented so many things. There are images of play, traditions, sleep, vacations, touch, laughter…

But there is someone missing from the family pictures and it is me.

I am in some of the pictures - but they were all taken on a phone - and in a good amount of them I am squeezing myself into the frame with my son while I also push the shutter - my short arm extended… “selfie mode.”

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner … I asked my husband to take pictures with my camera. I set up the exposure from a certain angle in the room, gave him a quick lesson on focus and figured I’d do what I could in post with exposure issues. I would be so happy to have 3 pictures of me making cookies with our boy. The experience was fun for all of us. I love seeing us through my husband’s creative eye.

family baking cookies
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Moms and Dads, Photographers - are you always behind the lens? Are you missing from your family’s photos? Leave a comment if this post inspired you to get in the frame. I’m so glad I did.