Here it is, the first 31 days of my 365 project. My goal when I began this project was to simply take a photo every day, to honor the commitment of that, regardless of how I was feeling that day or how truly mundane the day seemed. I am not the most self-disciplined person... on top of some recent medical problems and battling chronic conditions, I felt that simply following through with one photo a day was going to be a mountain of an undertaking in itself. 

I started to realize early on in this project how much I depend on my comfortable way of doing things. That I don't push myself often to do new things when taking pictures. I prefer certain light, I book clients for outdoor sessions during the golden hour, I avoid using flash, I am anxious about grain and ISO +3k. I am insecure about shooting in public places - places where a good amount of life happens - restaurants, shops, parks, the library... I will push myself to photograph my family's important moments outside our home. 

I'm grateful that my boy has enjoyed participating in this project with me and that it has given us an opportunity some days to be creative together. 

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