I am a portrait and documentary photographer located in Northport, Long Island. I am a mother, wife, friend and believer. I love old-fashioned things like paper, playing outside and value simplicity. For fun I like to sit with friends, visit antique shops, museums, go on hikes, garden and play games. I began taking pictures as a hobby 25 years ago when I enrolled in a photography course in college. I continued to take pictures off and on, portraits of friends, some street photography in the 1990’s and then put my camera down for a long time. When my son was born, my mother bought me a digital camera as a maternity gift and I taught myself to use it. I began documenting his baby and toddlerhood and fell in love with the art of photography again. I began taking clients in 2013 and invested in my craft.

As your photographer, I desire to create a series of meaningful images that bring the joy you have as a mother to the surface - for your heart to feel full looking at a portrait of your child - of your little ones playing together - of your arms filled with their hugs … their tender selves wrapped in the blanket of You.


I spent most of my childhood in Northport, New York but the first ten years were spent in a suburb of Ohio that was still young and had areas undeveloped. From time to time on summer nights, hot air balloons landed in the field behind our house. I climbed trees, searched for four leaf clovers, caught lightening bugs in a jar and jumped rope. My father loved to take pictures and there are so many Polaroid pictures and grainy prints of my days as a typical kid in the 70’s and 80’s. I can’t help but bring my own childhood into my work, which is why I am drawn to film-inspired processing. I adore the way illustrators Norman Rockwell, Tasha Tudor, Trina Schart Hyman and Eloise Wilkin depicted children and families, so these books and posters that I soaked in as a child still fill my bookshelf as an adult. I open them regularly to spark creative ideas.

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